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A Message from Dr. Adams

Hope you all are well and staying safe! I am certainly seeing more Covid-19 patients coming through the Emergency Department recently and I hope and pray the spread will start to slow down soon. As owner, I take extreme pride in operating The Med Spa of NSB as well as serving our community as an ER doctor for the past 11 years. It is both my professional responsibility and calling to provide superior, ethical service in both medical disciplines and I live by the motto “to treat every patient as they were a member of my own family.” That is why it was so upsetting when I recently learned that a local hair salon and doctor’s office was defaming The Med Spa stating that “we water down” our Botox and it “doesn’t last that long.” Even more hurtful is that I have always offered a professional discount to those industries. So what does that even mean? Below, I want take the opportunity to answer some common questions about Botox and debunk some rumors.

#1 Who can perform Botox? In FL, only a MD/DO/DDS, NP or PA. There was someone in NSB going around to homes, spas, etc, injecting who did NOT have these qualifications so always ask! Experience counts, you do not want someone injecting your lips that just learned last weekend.

#2 What is Botox? It is a neuromodulator that temporarily stops the muscle (that causes the winkle on the skin) from moving for about 2-4 months. Botox is the same as Dysport, Xeomin & Jeuveau. The difference is like “coke and pepsi” Botox is sent on dry ice and comes freeze dried in a tiny vial. It requires reconstitution with normal saline. Between 1cc – 2.5cc are administered into a 100 unit vial, depending on the desired concentration, and serve as a carrier to deliver Botox into your tissue to get to work! The term “watering down” refers to a someone “shady” putting too much saline into the vial and basically injecting extremely dilute Botox that would not even produce any results at all.

#3 How long does Botox last? It is a medicine with a half life that is only supposed to last for 3 months. I like using the bell curve example. It takes about 2 weeks for the max effect which will start wearing off around the 2.5 month mark. When someone says “it doesn’t last long”, it is likely because not enough units were injected in that particular area to deactivate every single muscle fiber. Sometimes injecting too little is just as unethical as too much.

#4 How much Botox do I need? This is differs from person to person depending on your expectations and the strength of your muscles. I hear people say a lot “but my friend only gets 25 units for her whole face etc.” On average a crows feet treatment requires 12-24 units to achieve results. 11’s or glabella, 12-30 and the forehead has a huge range from 5-25 depending on the “sq footage” so to speak. So anywhere from 40-60 units for all 3 areas. Typically for your first time, I try to stay on the lower side to save you money but you might end up requiring more at your next visit to achieve the desired result and longevity.

#5 What are the side effects Bruising can happen no matter who you are or who is injecting you. The most common complaint is ” my eyebrows drop” that is why Ashley and I take particular care injecting the forehead in order to avoid that “heavy look”. My philosophy is you “can always add more, you can’t take it away.” If you are not satisfied you can always come back for more and we always fix uneven eyebrows for FREE! If this ever happens, you didn’t get botched, foreheads are just not all made equally so once the Botox kicks in, you can sometimes see asymmetries that are completely correctable. We do NOT want you walking around town like that so please feel comfortable calling for a touch up!

#6 PRICE! This is a biggie. The product is expensive but we have deals all the time and you can always bank it at $10/unit which is below average local price. Currently, we have a $8.66/unit special. We always work with every budget and try to “ration” the Botox so to speak in the areas that you most want to see results. But remember if you don’t get enough, it might now last as long because the other muscle fibers around the deactivated ones are working harder to compensate!

  • We require masks at entry through the doors
  • Staff wears a mask during the entire treatment
  • Take extra precaution cleaning and turning over treatment rooms
  • No one that is ill is allowed treatment or that has been in known close contact with someone with Covid-19 WITHOUT PPE on

I hope this was helpful and I encourage you to reach out to my personally with any additional questions about any treatment you are considering or have had with us. Thank you for your patronage and trust in my staff here at The Med Spa of NSB. I have an amazing team who would love to pamper you!

Dr Abigail Adams, FACEP
Owner – The Med Spa of New Smyrna Beach