Mary Beth

Mary Beth came to New Smyrna Beach in 1995 from Mississippi.  She, like so many fell in love with our little town and stayed.  After having 2 children and working in the corporate world she decided that she needed to change a few things in her life.  That is when a friend suggested going to school to do skin care.  Mary Beth had always loved going to spas and had an interest in skin care so she did just that.  In 2003 she became an Esthetician.  A few years later her interest also included nail care and became a Full Specialist in 2009. 

She became a CMP in 2011 and she fell in love with podology.  She is passionate about her job and she truly loves helping people.  Whether is it an ingrown toenail, a nail fungus, a foot fungus or someone with circulatory issues or a diabetic patient she will give you 100%.