Connective Tissue $80
Clearing adhesions and correcting strain patterns for optimal posture and freedom of movement. Perfect depth, whether you prefer light touch or deep tissue.
Swedish Massage $80
Gentle and restorative. This classic but blissful relaxation massage uses light to medium pressure and improves circulation and wellbeing.
Cranial Touch $100
Deeply relaxing, meditative massage is gentle and non-invasive. Intuitive touch promotes the unity of the body and mind. Emerge more centered in love and freedom with a youthful, healthy glow.
Prenatal $100
Promotes rest, relaxation, improved circulation and eases the physical and mental challenges that accompany pregnancy. For the motherto-be after the first trimester.
Sports $100
For the athlete or weekend warrior. Assists in injury prevention, post-event recovery, and injury rehabilitation. Promotes peak athletic performance by enhancing flexibility, optimizing muscle function, reducing muscular adhesions, and flushing cellular waste.
Deep Tissue $100
Reduce muscular tension and reset chronic muscular stress patterns. Improve range of motion ease of movement.

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